Elisabeth G.
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Before I started doing CF I had just turned 50, gotten divorced after 15 years and gained 40 lbs in 2 years after always being moderately fit. I started CF as a joke - "I don't lift heavy things"! And as a dare from a girlfriend in FLA (also over 50 and overweight).

I came to BP 3 years ago (at my true emotional breaking point). Not sure how I felt about the sport but not ready to give up yet, and I'm glad I didn't! I love the community and really appreciate the fun, levity and sometimes goofiness that comes with the classes!

Turning 56 this fall and pretty sure CF saved my life! My blood work is healthier than ever in my life and today I graduated from dips with a green band to dips with a blue band!
Jill P.
Jill P.member
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In December of 2017, my weight had climbed to an all time high. I was hypertensive, uncomfortable in my own skin, and my energy levels were low. My strong family history of hypertension was becoming a reality for me and I knew I needed to make some serious changes or else long-term blood pressure medications would be in my future.

The Breaking Point Fitness Nutrition Challenge was just around the corner at that time and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make some lifestyle changes. Thanks to Rachel and the all the BPF coaches I learned so much about macros, making good meal choices, and prioritizing my health. Once I started thinking about the food I was putting into my body and tracking my macros daily I saw major changes in not only the scale but also my energy levels and my overall mood! With the encouragement from the coaches and support from the other members of the gym (who all have become a second family to me during my time at BPF) I was able to stay focused and committed to my healthy regimen.

Once I started nourishing my body the right way, I started seeing improved results during crossfit workouts. In the past 8 months I have become stronger than I ever thought I would be and continue to make strides every day. Today I am rocking a completely normal blood pressure (no meds needed!) and have lost about 40 pounds.

As a person who has always loved carbohydrates in excess, this has not been an easy journey for me and there are days where I sometimes feel discouraged. But I am fortunate to have such supportive, knowledgeable people at the gym and I am very grateful for every one at Breaking Point Fitness who has helped me on this ongoing journey!
Tara C.
Tara C.member
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Over the last year as a member of Breaking Point Fitness, I have transformed myself physically, I have transformed mentally, and I have transformed my diet. Physically, I have become much stronger and in less than one year have developed awesome new skills like double unders, handstand push ups, unassisted dips, ring muscle ups, and bar muscles.

Mentally, a few transformations have happened. When I was playing sports in school, I had no trouble staying active because I was an athlete and I loved training. As I went through college going to the gym became more about just staying in shape and it became a chore. There of course were times I would enjoy it, but after some time, I would lose motivation and feel down on myself because I just didn't want to go anymore. Breaking Point has given me the ability to feel like a competitive athlete again. There is always a skill to practice and the structure of intense, group WODs brings back that excitement that only comes from meaningful competition.

The other mental transformation was confidence in my abilities and realizing how hard I can push myself. Before joining Breaking Point, I would see the high weight and rep numbers of CrossFit workouts (murph for example) and shake my head; no way can I ever do that. I wasn't in a community where I could push myself the way I do now on a regular basis and it kept me from getting stronger and developing as an athlete.

Finally, my diet has transformed. The nutrition challenge during my first year taught me that I really wasn't eating as healthy as I thought I was and helped me get on track. I've been eating a keto aligned diet (not without the occasional indulgence) for 6 months now and I have lost 2-1/2 inches off my waist and 4-1/2 inches off my hips plus I feel so much better.

I love being surrounded with people with similar goals and interests because it makes accomplishing your own goals so much more fun and rewarding. This gym and this community really do make life-changing transformations and I'm so happy to be experiencing them!
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I started CrossFit in 2013 and whenever my gym held a nutrition challenge I was always an immediate “no thanks” kind of person. I was under the impression that I had a good understanding of a balanced diet. (In retrospect, my diet could’ve used more protein + fiber and way less carbs.) When I joined BPF in 2016 I could tell that the members of this gym were noticeably more “fit” than the past two gyms I’d came from. This was motivating. At the start of 2018, BPF announced a nutrition challenge. I was in. We had a seminar on rules/goals of the 30 day challenge. We got caliper measurements done. I calculated my macros and stuck with them for the entire month. I bought a food scale. I turned down treats left and right. The first week was a mental struggle but everything became habitual after that. My post challenge caliper measurements showed the work I’d put in. In 30 days I’d lost 5 pounds, 2 inches off my waist and 2 inches off my hips. When the challenge ended, I continued on. So far, I’ve lost 10 pounds in total. The most exciting thing is that I can tell it’s easier to do body weight movements I had trouble with before the challenge like handstand push-ups, dips, and strict pull-ups. I want to thank Dr. Rachel Pfromm for inspiring me to better myself. I have vowed to never turn down another nutrition challenge again!
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10 years I was serious about body building, working out daily etc. What I never expected was that life changes so much that once you notice, you are living in a style that you didn't account for.

I was 206LBs when I had my best physical shape, and 3 years after I started my PhD far away from home, I turn those into a fat body. This was 2012. About that time, I had lost all the energy and motivation to even try again. Was due to having a very hyper dog that I became active again, starting with long walks, ending up a daily runner.

In January 2017 I was about 190 pound and went for another run with my fury friend. That night we got hit, while in the side walk, by a driver texting. Lost my friend and running partner. For about 4 months I didn't run again. With time my girlfriend started to push me into run again, but took me a while to actually have the motivation. But it came slowly.

In 2018, I joined CrossFit Breaking Point, looking for the group spirit, the motivation, the energy. I found it all. The group made me feel so welcome, made me prove to myself that I can return to activity, be energetic, healthy and more than anything, capable of anything. And this is what i bring with me out of the classes: we learn in CrossFit that we can reach everything when we really want and we try hard. It just brought that to my life too.

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