Select a package that works for you and your schedule or reach out about personal training with on of our coaches!

3 Class Per Week Package

  • Month-to-Month ($155.00)
  • 6 Month Commitment ($145.00)
  • 12 Month Commitment ($135.00)

10 Class

Expires in 4 months

  • 10 Pack


  • Month-to-Month ($179.00)
  • 6 Month Commitment ($169.00)
  • 12 Month Commitment ($159.00)


  • Technique. Consistency. Intensity. In this order, these are the priorities we teach Breaking Point Fitness.

    In an effort to improve your experience at Breaking Point Fitness we require our introductory Fundamentals Course. Consisting of 3 one-on-one classes lasting 1 hour per class. Benefits of the Course include: Personal and specific, in-depth instruction on the movements/exercises we use regularly in our programing.

    This provides a smooth transition and integration into the regularly scheduled classes. You’ll get accustomed to the organization, structure and pace of the daily WOD class and the community
  • Breaking Point Fundamentals Course ($159.00)

Personal Training

  • 30-Minute
    Sessions Pack
  • 60-Minute
    Sessions Pack
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